Most artists look through their respective windows onto life –Jan would step back and see the window as well—an artist mindful of self simultaneous with subject, in other words:

an expression of compressed awareness of the continuum between self and other, illuminating the human condition with humor and insight

These figures celebrate celestial movement, while capturing human foibles in the mundane moment. The characters not only inhabit the larger community of human subjective experience, but also, the artist’s line itself extends from his internal conditions of the moment—his strengths and weaknesses—all to be expressed in the laughter of pen-play.

—you can look at these drawings—
you can also look into them and see a reflection from their Zen starkness—
—a reflection of yourself that is at once beyond grasp and simultaneously, perhaps embarrassingly, recognized

However playfully, Jan leads the viewer further into the self—consider his art as pre-language; how a tongue might express itself before it knew how to speak—rough and tumble images for those willing to pay for them with their own spontaneous mental somersaults.